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A Case for Sponsorship

Regardless of language or culture, food has always been a point of connection all around the world. Through the innovations of our food vendors and suppliers, the FoodComedyFest aims to promote new food entrepreneurs, showcase our everyday local food, and enable the people enjoy their favorite meals.

We will go to great lengths for that distinctive taste when it is prepared delightfully. Food only speaks one language, and that language is one of unity. The event, unlike any other, would bring together local ethnic variety via cuisine, fun, and fair.

Our goal is to highlight local merchants, food suppliers and culinary entrepreneurs that are enthusiastic and inventive in their work by expanding and providing the ideal environment for them meet new customers.

This second edition will take place in the heart of the historic city of Ibadan, which is home to hundreds of marketplaces and millions of families that regularly enjoy the flavor of your original brand as the chosen option for millions of families worldwide. Ibadan is a vibrant community of young and developing food entrepreneurs, with a significant presence in the food and agricultural industry.

We feel that partnering with the Ibadan Food Festival is an excellent investment for your company.

The festival will be held yearly, and it will be a feasible long-term property for a massive company like yours to own this with us in order to continually deploy rotating marketing solutions and experiences.

On the one hand, we want to promote Ibadan’s local vendors and passionate food suppliers; on the other hand, we think your business wants to engage and inspire young entrepreneurs in your neighborhood.

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