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Frequently Asked Questions


Guest Information

You don’t want to be hustled through the gates, so get your tickets early.

Any tips to make the most of my FoodComedy Festival experience?
  • Be on time to avoid missing out on the fun and games.
  • Come Hungry! Come on, it’s a foodies event with plenty to eat and drink.
  • Get ready to mingle and meet a new tribe of food and fun lovers in your city.
  • Bring your fun hat! You can’t possibly be sitting down o. When it comes to dance, dance. When there’s food, consume it. Be a good sport, we need E for what… Energy!!!

Come with your tribe. You might win the Pepper-dem Gang Award for the most entertaining team at the FoodComedyFestival.

What can we expect at the Festival?

Consider FoodComedyFestival to be the champions league of local cuisine and food sellers, but with a heavy dose of comedy and laughter.

There will be a prize-winning competition, a culinary masterclass, unadulterated comedy, music, kiddies section, food tasting, Paint ‘n’ Sip, meet & greet with food bloggers, outdoor games, and lots of challenges that will go viral on TikTok and Instagram.

Is the Festival Free?

Yes! But you must first register. We value security, so everyone who attends must be registered.

Emmm… no, we won’t need your PVC.

Is there a VIP access or advantage sitting?

Yes, VIP entry costs N10,000. To obtain your VIP pass, click here.

Do you have premium or VVIP Tables?

Yes o, come chill with the big boys. No need to run kitikiti! Tickets are available on request. To book, please click here.

Is there a dress code?

For where? Come looking peng and patriotic… whatever that means to you, you are welcome!

We could just have a best dressed competition, so dress appropriately, and also because ‘waka’ plenty and na outdoor o!

Tell me about Security at the venue?

Security is 101% guaranteed. Bouncers and professional security agencies are on standby. We’ve got you locked. This event, once again, is strictly by registration. Click this link to register.

Is everything free at the FoodComedy festival?

Ehn… e ni pe?
The event is free to attend, but you must register. There will be several vendors selling food and items at the event.

Come loaded!

Type of vendors that we will experience?

There will be a farmers market with farm produce and livestock, as well as a variety of continental and intercontinental cuisine vendors, and what is this without an Amala section?

Everything you require will be available. Oh Street food? Suya, Kebab, Sharwarma, Hotdogs, Chips, and Chicken… anything you want!

Will the prices be discounted?

The majority of our sellers will be offering deals and discounts.

What are the Health & Safety Procedures

FoodComedyFestival will follow all of the COVID-19 rules and regulations, and the festival will take precautions to safeguard our health and safety. Kindly comply with our established procedures.

Can I come with my kids?

We do have a family play area (Fun Park) with games, bouncy castles, clowns, popcorn, and ice cream. Children, on the other hand, must be kept under your supervision at all times.

What about parking lots (car park spaces)?

Yes, for a token and only on a first come, first served basis. Please keep in mind that vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk.

Vendor Information

You don’t want to be hustled through the gates, so get your tickets early.

When is the Food Comedy Festival?

October 1st and 2nd, 2023 at the Recreation Club, Ibadan

When does registration open and close?

Registration will be open from July 1st through August 30th, 2023.

Early deal ends July 30th

How many vendors will be participating?

We anticipate having more than 100 suppliers. Register early to secure your space

How much does a stall cost?

Enjoy the early-bird deal for this month. N40,000 for both days and N30,000 for a day. Grab your stand now!

Can I pay for only one day?

The price for one day will be N30,000, depending on stall availability once the two-day-vendors’ commitment is taken into consideration. Vendors that wish to take up the stand for two days will be given priority.

What is the size of the stall?

Stall size is 6ft by 7ft

How do we know our stall?

Once your registration has been confirmed, you will get an email with your stall number.

Is it possible for me to share a stand with another vendor?

No, this is not permitted. If you want to participate as a vendor, please register.

How many staff members can I bring?

We will supply tags for up to two support staff members per vendor.

Will the prices be discounted?

The majority of our sellers will be offering deals and discounts.

When can we start preparing for the festival?

Vendors must set up shop on September 30th, however once your vendor registration is validated, you may begin marketing to your fans and customers.

More information on time and practical aspects will be provided.

Is there going to be a vendor meeting?

Yes, a vendor meeting will be held on September 30th.

What are the rules that I must follow?
  • Don’t encroach another vendor’s space
  • Cooking hygiene is encouraged
  • Package your products well and post at the festival using the hashtag #foodcomedyfest for customers
How can I become a vendor?

Simply click on the link for vendor registration here or on the site. The deadline for vendor registration is August 30th.

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